BYU Online Testing Center Guidelines:

General Information:

All proctored exams for your BYU Online course will be taken in an online format at the BYU Online Testing Center located in the Morris Center (MORC).


If your exam is "open-book" or "open-note" you can only use paper versions of notes or course material unless your professor indicates otherwise.

BYU Online Testing Center:

120 MORC (enter in the East doors)


  • 8AM - 6PM MST (last test available at 5PM)
  • Closed Friday, December 9 for reading day.
  • 8AM - 8PM Saturday, December 10 through Thursday, December 15


Please remember that you must make an appointment to take your exam at least 48 hours in advance. Directions for making appointments are found in your course.

How to schedule a BYU Online exam
Schedule a BYU Online exam

Introduction to Adobe Connect

Click here for an interactive introduction to Adobe Connect

Scheduling Learning Checkpoints

  • From the “View” page of a course, select a “Learning Checkpoint”

  • Select the time for your Checkpoint by clicking on a time on the right. Note: An appointment must be scheduled 48 hours in advance.

  • Fill in the blanks and click submit.

  • Once you have completed the sign-up you will receive a confirmation email.

System Requirements for Learning Checkpoints:

In addition to any required textbooks, you will need these items to complete the checkpoints:

1. Webcam – Any webcam will work. We recommend using the “Logitec HD Webcam C270” (it’s available from

2. Microphone Headset – Any microphone headset will work. We recommend using the “Cyber Acoustics Universal Stereo Headset AC-204” (again, it’s available from

Submitting an Assignment in Brain Honey

  • This is the brainhoney home page. First select the course you want to submit an assignment to.

  • Click “View” to see the course.

  • After selecting the assignment you would like to turn in, click “Open”.

  • Click “Browse” to select a file for submission.

  • After selecting the file to be submitted for grading, click “Open”.

  • Now that the assignment is ready to be submitted click “Submit” to send the file to the instructor or TA for grading.

Brainhoney Overview

Click here for an interactive introduction to Brainhoney

How to View Your Grades in Brain Honey

  • Click on “Grades” in the desired course to see your scores.

  • Here you can see the recorded scores for assignments. To veiw instructor feedback and other details about an assignment click on the score.

  • Here you can see the feedback from your instructor or TA and your score.

TA Support

EL ED 203

Carli Aramaki

EXSC 221

Joel Buss

EXSC 221

Erik Hunsaker

EXSC 221

Sean Pickard

EXSC 221

Zackary Hofheins

EXSC 302

Kaylee Hunsaker

EXSC 410

Karen Call

HLTH 335

Jessica Wilkinson

HLTH 335

Cassidy Hine

HLTH 335

Katelyn Strickling

IHUM 240

Adam Lloyd

IHUM 202

Lisa Raymond

IP&T 286

Emma Moss
Moss Contact professor

MCOM 320

Ann Thorpe

NDFS 100

Danielle Conlon

NDFS 100

Raquelle Weight


Matthew Young


Bradley Dorius


Marshall Miner


Elise Anderson


Hannah Hoffman


Lindsay Ellsworth


Andi Harward


Rebecca Hoffman


Joshlin Manning


Matthew Eden


Daniel Squires

REL A 212

Lynn Mulkern

REL A 212

Bailey Lundberg

REL C 324

JanaLe Henderson

REL C 324

Tanner Manscill

REL C 333

Alan Hickey

SOC 111

Jared Poff

STAT 121

Zach Horton