Frequently Asked Questions



    • What are the major differences between BYU Online and Independent Study?
    • BYU Online courses are different from Independent Study courses in three main ways: (1) online courses are included in your BYU tuition, while Independent Study courses come at an additional cost; (2) online courses follow a semester schedule, while Independent Study courses allow one year for completion; and (3) online courses have class size limits, while Independent Study has no enrollment caps.
    • How are online courses formatted?
    • BYU Online courses use BrainHoney and Canvas to provide instructional content, assignments, and quizzes. Each course is designed and verified by our in-house team of instructional designers to yield the most efficient and effective learning experience possible.
    • How long do I have to complete this course?
    • BYU Online courses must be completed by the end of the semester. Each course includes assignment deadlines designed to help you complete the course on time. You are free to work ahead, and can complete the course as early as the first day of the second block of the semester. Academic Calendar
    • What is a Checkpoint?
    • Checkpoints are scheduled meetings between you and your TA to review your progress in the class and answer any questions you may have. Instructions for checkpoints are found in the course.
    • What materials do I need to complete the course?
    • In addition to any required textbooks, you will need these items to complete the checkpoints:

      1. Webcam – Any webcam will work. We recommend using the “Logitec HD Webcam C270” (it’s available from

      2. Microphone Headset – Any microphone headset will work. We recommend using the “Cyber Acoustics Universal Stereo Headset AC-204” (again, it’s available from



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