A more flexible semester

Whether you’re traveling for the semester or looking for a more flexible class schedule, BYU Online is the perfect option. Take a blended course with a scheduled meeting time or attend class completely online. All of our courses are semester-based, so you’ll be on track with the BYU schedule. Learn more and plan your next BYU Online course.

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Kevin J Worthen
Online Learning Initiative

"We also made important strides on key academic initiatives. The BYU Online program is on pace. Its goal is to expand the number of online offerings available to our matriculated students so that by 2020, each BYU student will be able to take at least fifteen hours of credit online before graduation."

Kevin J Worthen
President of Brigham Young University

A digital classroom to enhance your education

BYU Online uses the best tech to bring the classroom to you. Work with your teacher, collaborate with fellow students, and even take your midterms—all online. The sky is the limit for what online courses can do for you.



Real-time Interaction

Schedule a webinar or virtual lunch or take a look at our blended classes. Work with your team to recreate an activity you would normally do in a face-to-face class.

Discussion Boards

Give students the opportunity to respond thoughtfully through written responses or video threads. As students use the discussion boards, they collaborate with other students and even bring in their own pop-culture references.

Useful Resources

With an online course, students can listen to lectures at their own pace and even relisten to a lecture if necessary. Break your course into digestible units and measure your students’ success with rich data analytics.

Higher Participation

An online course creates a more comfortable environment for quieter students to participate.

Hundreds of options for a flexible schedule

Whether you’re taking First-Year German or Human Anatomy, this is your hub for all BYU Online classes. Browse through our catalog and find the classes you need. With so many options, you have the flexibility to create the schedule you want. This flexibility allows you to earn credits while pursuing other goals like Study Abroad or an internship. Just remember the classes follow a normal BYU semester timeline and are only available to BYU matriculated students. Take classes online and change the world.

Additional Resources and Help


Canvas is the learning management system used for all BYU Online courses. You’ll use Canvas all semester long to access course materials and assignments, take quizzes, and view grades.


Testing for your online course will happen in one of two places—the Harman Testing Center or remotely through Proctorio.

TA Support

Many BYU Online courses have the help of a reliable TA. They know the details of the course and are eager to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

University Policies

All BYU policies are followed in BYU Online courses.

Webinar and Online Services

Connect easily with your professor and classmates through the use of online web conferencing tools. These programs allow you to share video, see general presentations, interact through web conferencing, and access user desktop sharing.

Make your schedule work for you

Imagine the ease of taking semester-based courses that you can work through on your own time. Hard deadlines will help you stay on track for the end of the semester. Progress towards graduation and get the credits you need with BYU Online.

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